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Wellington 2022

Wellington 2022

In Wellington, Aotearoa - New Zealand, the 2022 Wellington protest was against the Domestic Governments Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates. This led to the occupation of the grounds of Parliament House and Molesworth Street in Central Wellington. It began in February 2022 and lasted just over three weeks. At its peak, the protest spread over a large area of Thorndon and into Pipitea with thousands of participants.

The protest was forcibly ended by police on 2 March 2022, and the protesters had none of their demands met by the Government.

The protests caused a societal division in that Nation, and the topic of Covid-19 vaccines and government madates became a hot topic of argument and discussion. 

3 Artists participated in the creation of the 12 piece Art Collection known as Wellington 2022. 6 of the pieces are said to be from an honest reflection and unifying perspective of the Pro-Mandate (and Government) perspective; and 6 pieces are said to be the same from the Anti-Mandate perspective. 

The Art Company / Organization (Chesed Art) who commisioned the Collection state that their purpose in their work is to use creative Art to address topics and issues of division and conflict throughout the World, and bring healing and unity through their Artistic messages of reflective empathy.

For Wellington 2022, Chesed Art Creative Team say they used 3 Artists to create and bring to life their vision. It was not a case of 3 Artists doing some of the Art pieces each. It was a unique situation of the 3 Artists working together to create 'each' of the 12 pieces. What makes this even more unique is the fact; that at first, the Artist all rejected the proposition of the project. One of the prospective Artists supported the Anti-Mandate, one was neutrel and one was Pro-Mandate. Chesed Art say getting the 3 Artists to work together was a hugely challenging journey in and of itself but a vitally important one. Eventually the trio were pursuaded to work together. Chesed Art say that they needed to get these 3 perspectives to work together to show society that everyone else could also co-exist well together. 

What ensued was months of constructive and often debated discussion between the Chesed Art Creative Team and the Artistic Trio, and also with each other; to take the event and choose 12 real life pivotal moments, that reflected the total sense of the protest, the main perspectives, and  12 key unforgetable moments to form the collection. Constructing the pieces was then a monstrous task, deciding all the detail and nuances and expressive artistic license that would be placed upon the actual real moments during Wellington 2022. The result is truely astounding and what will forever be a part of that Nations history, and also their future if Chesed Art achieves its objectives. 

Chesed Art inform that they are in the process of finalzing a documentary to release on the story and journey of creating Wellington 2022, with 7 minute segments on each of the 12 artworks that explain each piece in detail, as well as an indepth look at the people who bought it to life. Acquiring a Frak from this Chesed Art Wellington 2022 Shin, is to truly get a piece of history and also the future!